Welcome to the David Lust加速器大楼

David Lust加速器大楼(18 E. Main Street) is more than just a space to work. It’s an invitation to join a community of small business owners, 企业家, 学生, 自由职业者, and city residents dedicated to bringing their ideas to life in Rapid City, 南达科塔州.


From the start, you and your business become linked to a network of support. Perhaps most important is the entrepreneurial community we have created, from the network of tenant companies who support each other to the members of the local business community who volunteer their expertise to provide clients with free business and technical assistance.


The goal of The David Lust加速器大楼 is to provide new and existing small businesses with management assistance, 具有成本效益的空间, 还有培育, 专业的环境, thereby encouraging the development of local businesses which can:

  • Contribute to the general economic health of the region
  • Provide new and increased primary sector job opportunities
  • Add to the variety of technological products and services available to the area


  • 4万平方英尺,最先进的设施
  • One-stop shop for small businesses: Elevate Rapid City, Governor’s Office of 经济发展 West River Office, and 南达科他州埃尔斯沃斯发展局
  • Meeting Rooms for hosting prospects, clients, and community leaders

Join the David Lust加速器大楼 Community

Are you interested in joining the David Lust加速器大楼 community? 我们目前正在接受申请.